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The network is owned by MTV Networks and is a joint venture between the media giant and US technology company Viacom.

The MTV network is a global platform for live entertainment, television and film content.

It is owned and operated by MTV Studios and MTV Networks, which together comprise MTV Networks Worldwide, the parent company of MTV Networks UK and the UK channel of MTV, MTV2, MTV3, MTV4 and MTV5.

In a statement, MTV Networks said: “We are thrilled to welcome the Mob’s Mission to change things for the better.

The Mission is an ambitious mission and we are proud to be able to work with Mob to advance this ambitious agenda.”

The mission, which is based on a 10-point agenda, will be shared with the public in three different phases, with the first, to be announced in June, the second and third in November.

The 10-Point MissionThe Mission will aim to: 1.

Ensure the growth of a global audience for video, radio and digital entertainment 2.

Enable greater integration of all forms of content and content delivery networks 3.

Support new and emerging businesses and creative industries 4.

Ensure more diversity and inclusion in the media and entertainment industry 5.

Advance the development of an open media ecosystem to empower all citizens to be creative and share their ideas and passion in a sustainable way 6.

Increase access to affordable, high quality entertainment for all in our communities 7.

Encourage the creation of an inclusive and inclusive society 8.

Build on the momentum of our brand and to make it more accessible to everyone 9.

Create a network of diverse and inclusive voices, from all sectors and across cultures, who can provide the broadest range of entertainment content to the widest audience 10.

Promote an open and transparent environment to the public to encourage greater transparency and inclusion.

The Mob aims to: 1.

Promotes and fosters the growth and acceptance of all people.


Ensures that our community, the Mob, remains a source of entertainment for a globally diverse, inclusive and tolerant society.


Empowers all people to contribute to the advancement of their own, and the community’s, culture, identity and rights.


Encourages a positive, collaborative, inclusive, and open society, which fosters a more equitable, equitable, and equal society.


Promises a diverse, tolerant, and inclusive entertainment industry, and encourages an open, transparent and inclusive environment.


Emphasises the importance of social justice and promotes inclusive and equal communities.


Promoting the values of respect, tolerance and mutual understanding.


Ensuring the continued advancement of our diverse community and all of our cultures.9.

Encoursages the adoption of a diverse and open media environment.


Ensured that a global network of programming, including MTV programs, will provide an inclusive, sustainable and welcoming environment for everyone.

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