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And here’s why, according to the Washington Post.

Here are 10 things we learned from the day: 1.

Trump has the longest streak of days without a tweet since Richard Nixon in the 1970s.

And the longest is now at five days.

So, Trump, you may be in for a long day, but at least you can thank the fact that you are still tweeting at all, despite having just lost your job.


The president has only tweeted two times this year.

And he was tweeting during the first half of January, the start of a busy Easter weekend.

So he is not actually doing any work, and he is still tweeting, and no one is looking.


The longest streak for a president in history came in August, when Barack Obama tweeted seven times in five days, but he ended the day with his first tweet.

This year, Trump has tweeted six times, three of which were on Easter weekend, and they are all in the first hour of the week.


Trump is still the most popular president of all time, at 57%.

That is not the case for any other president.


But, at the moment, Trump’s tweets have taken up about four-fifths of the posts on Twitter, and are taking up about a third of the space on the page.


And, while Trump’s approval rating is down slightly from his lowest point in August of last year, the majority of Americans say that is good news.

So the good news for Trump, according the Post, is that Americans are getting used to his tweets and he does not seem to be causing them any problems.


This is the first time in the Post’s database of news headlines that Trump has not tweeted in a week, which is a record.

But Trump’s Twitter account has been tweeting since March 25.

The first time the president tweeted on Easter Saturday, he tweeted five times

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