After a number of popular websites were hacked in the past week, there is a growing sense that the internet is becoming a global battleground.

The hacker group Anonymous has claimed responsibility for the attacks, which were also reported to have affected other popular websites such as Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter.

The attack on Wikipedia was the most high-profile hack of a major online encyclopedia.

The site, a free online encyclopedia, has become a battleground for many people, particularly the working class.

A number of people have taken to the social networking site to share their frustrations with the online encyclopedia and with the mainstream media.

Some are using it as a platform to launch cyberattacks on the mainstream news media.

Anonymous has been active in online activism for years, using various hacking tools to disrupt websites, media outlets and governments.

Anonymous is also known for its attempts to undermine governments, and its campaigns of mass destruction.

The group has also used hacking to attack other sites, including Google and Microsoft.

Anonymous hackers have also targeted other media, including the New York Times, CNN and the Washington Post.

But now, with the recent attack on Wikipedias Wikipedia and Microsoft, the hacker group seems to be taking its trolling to the next level.

A hacker who goes by the name of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) has claimed credit for the recent attacks on the online wikipedia.

He said he had hacked the wikipedia website and its servers.

Anonymous was responsible for a hack in January of this year which disrupted the online news portal Politico.

The attacks have also hit several prominent websites including The New York Post and The Washington Post itself.

Anonymous claims responsibility for all three attacks.

A group of people from Anonymous who call themselves “the collective” hacked into the Microsoft email account of The Washington Times, which was hacked in February.

A similar group also hacked the Yahoo email account in August.

The hack on Microsoft was not successful and the hack on the Politico email account has not been reported to authorities.

In both cases, the hackers claim that they were able to gain access to the accounts by “cyber-spying” or “spoofing” the email accounts.

They said they were also able to compromise the Yahoo and Yahoo Mail accounts.

Anonymous members also claim that one of the attacks on The Washington Examiner, which is run by The New Yorker and The New Republic, was successful.

The Washington newspaper and the New Republic have been targets of Anonymous attacks before.

But this time, the group claimed responsibility.

The hackers also hacked into several websites run by the New Jersey state legislature and also attacked The Wall Street Journal and The Daily Beast.

The groups claim that the attacks were coordinated with a group called “the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Unit.”

The group also claimed responsibility on Twitter.

“A number of groups have been coordinating and coordinating attacks against the United States,” Anonymous said in a tweet.

“This has been happening for a while.

We have been building this network for years.

Now it’s about to hit the streets.”

Anonymous claims that it is also responsible for the latest attack on the Microsoft account.

The website of Microsoft was also hacked in January and the attackers were able gain access by “spoiling” the accounts of the administrators, according to the hackers.

They say that the hackers gained access to both accounts, and that one account was “spammed” with spam emails.

Anonymous also claimed to have breached several Twitter accounts.

The tweets in question have since been deleted.

A spokesman for the Washington D.C. police department said in an interview that it has not received any reports of the recent cyberattacks.

Anonymous released a video on Monday night in which the group says it has “the largest and most advanced” hacker network in the world.

It says that its goal is to take down the corporate power structure and that it plans to “break into everything.”

It says it is not attacking the United Nations, but rather “every government, every company, every corporation, every state, every organization in the United State.”

Anonymous has targeted the American public before, and the group has done so again after the recent hack.

Anonymous began hacking the websites of major corporations in April of this the same year.

At the time, Anonymous claimed responsibility, and Anonymous said it hacked into Microsoft’s servers.

In July, Anonymous attacked the websites operated by the Republican National Committee, the Democratic National Committee and the American Chamber of Commerce.

In October, Anonymous hacked into Facebook and The Guardian.

It also claimed credit last year for the hack of the Democratic Party website, where it claimed responsibility by “shredding” a number, including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Anonymous says it will continue to “target government institutions and corporations worldwide.”

Anonymous also claims responsibility last year on Twitter for the hacks of the United Kingdom and Canada’s federal finance ministry.

Anonymous and its supporters claim that its hacking of websites is not directed at the U.S. government.

It said in one tweet that it was targeting the United Nation and the United Church of

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