A recent report from Google’s research and development arm shows that mobile web users are far less likely to use their devices for video and audio than they were a few years ago.

The company reported Thursday that mobile video viewing is down 6% year-over-year, and the number of active users on mobile devices has dropped by almost a third since the start of the year.

Google’s new report does not specify the number or type of devices that are being used for video.

Its not the first time that Google has seen a dip in mobile video usage.

In April, the company reported that mobile device usage declined 2.7% year over year, but did not specify how much of that was attributable to the drop in video usage and how much to the decline in video advertising.

Google has a long history of struggling to maintain a steady stream of revenue from mobile video.

In March, the firm said that mobile advertising revenues were down 8% in the quarter ended March 31.

In June, Google reported that the number one reason for the decline was the loss of a lot of video ads on the Google Play store.

That said, Google has recently begun to diversify its advertising business, including selling video ads to other mobile services, including the Facebook Messenger app.

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