A team of researchers at the University of Toronto is making the game that will eventually become the Mob Programming game.

In a project that has been dubbed Mob Programming, a group of computer scientists from the university is developing a new programming language and an online game.

The researchers say the game, dubbed Mob Games, will be the next big thing in mobile programming, and it will be made with an open-source codebase.

The goal is to bring the game to a large audience of developers.

“We’re going to start with the basic game, then we’ll add features that will allow the game developers to build more advanced games,” said James Leitch, one of the project’s co-founders.

“And then when you’ve built more complex games, we’ll make the source code available to developers.”

The team is currently working on a version of the game called Mob Programming with support from the University.

This version will be open-sourced and will make it easy for developers to create their own versions of the popular game.

“When you’re working on something, you want to have as many things in the game as possible,” Leitch said.

“If you can put a bunch of features together, and then add them together and make it into a whole game, that’s what Mob Programming is about.”

While the game is designed for mobile devices, the team has also created a version for desktop computers, which will be used to create games and applications that run on desktop computers and other devices.

“If you think about it, if you were to build an app for your iPhone, iPad or Android phone, it’d probably be a pretty complicated app,” said David Lacey, a professor of computer science at the university and co-founder of the Mob Games project.

“The main advantage of mobile is that you can make apps for a mobile device with just a few lines of code.

That’s one of our goals.

The main reason we’ve built the Mob programming game first is because that’s where we want to start.”

Leitch said the game will be playable on the iPad, Android, and the iPhone.

The project is in the final stages of development and Leitch is excited to see how the community responds to it.

“I think we’re getting there,” Leiter said.

He said that the first version of Mob Programming was built by two different teams that were working on different projects.

“It was kind of a mixture of what you’d see in an academic project and what you would see in a game.”

While some people say the app will not be a hit, Leitch hopes that it will help make Mob Programming a mainstream game.

“I think the more people that get the game out there, the more interesting it becomes,” Leitches said.

Leitch, who has been working with Mob Programming for several years, said that they have been able to attract users to the game by giving them a simple, but powerful interface.

“What Mob Programming offers is a very simple interface, a very powerful interface,” Leithes said.

Lacey said that in order for Mob Programming to have a broader audience, it will need to attract more developers.

The team has been able make the game available to everyone through the Mob Programming site, and Leiter hopes that this will lead to more developers taking up the game.

He also said that, for many developers, Mob Programming could be the beginning of a new wave of mobile game creation.

“There are a lot of games that are made with just this interface and just this one simple interface and they are not necessarily going to get the attention they deserve,” Leites said.

“Mob Programming is going to be a game that really gets attention, and if you look at the popularity of Mob programming in Canada, it’s going to continue to grow.”

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