In his first major foray into the world of programming, programming legend Ray Romano has set up the Mob programming conference in Toronto.

It’s the first programming conference of its kind in Canada.

But the event’s main draw is the programming itself, with a lineup of programming from some of the biggest names in the world.

Here’s what you need now.

In his first programming major, Ray Romanes first major programming major was the BBC’s Radiolab.

In it, he met up with his old friend, the late British radio broadcaster Peter Biddle.

The two had been talking for years, and the two fell in love.

In a career spanning nearly 50 years, Ray was a broadcaster who also wrote some of TV’s most iconic scripts, including The Twilight Zone, Babylon 5, and Babylon 5: The Untold Story.

And now he’s making the jump to Toronto for his first ever programming conference.

For Ray, programming was his first love, and he wanted to share that love with others.

“I think the reason I did the Radiolabs and Babylon series was because I felt like I could do more,” he told CBC News.

“I really wanted to contribute to the public conversation around programming and the way we interact with it, and I felt that I was able to contribute in some way to that.”

Ray also wanted to create something special for his audience.

The event will be a collaboration between the CBC, the Toronto Public Library, and a number of local community organizations.

The goal is to bring together people who may not otherwise meet face-to-face.

The programming will take place on two floors of the Public Library.

At the top, the room will be covered in an LED mural of Romano’s signature blue screen, which was inspired by the BBC Radiolabo series.

Below that, there will be interactive displays of video from the programs, along with an interactive poster featuring Ray.

There will also be a space for programming guests to meet and greet each other, with seating in the main room.

The room will also have a projector so the audience can see a live performance of the programming.

At one point, there is even a panel of guests in the room.

At other times, there are interactive displays showing videos of Ray and Peter discussing the Radiale series.

The main room will have a large screen that will give the audience a look at the various programming, and will allow viewers to interact with Ray in the program room.

Ray will be on hand to answer questions from the audience.

At the bottom, there’s a smaller room that will be used for the audience to meet with the program host and audience.

There, Ray will answer questions about the Radiodes series.

It will also give the host and the audience the opportunity to ask questions about programming, such as how Ray approached his work, what his favourite programs were, and who he’s listening to.

If you want to get an idea of what the programming will be like, Ray has a few hints for what you can expect.

First, the program will be presented in real time on a large, black-and-white screen.

And if you’re curious, Ray’s Radiode series has won three awards.

In 2017, Ray won the British Radio Personality of the Year Award.

In 2018, Ray took home the British Television Personality Award.

Then, Ray also revealed that he will be hosting a Q&A session with his audience, giving questions in English and Spanish.

Ray said he’s already getting a lot of interest from the Canadian public, and that he’s looking forward to sharing his ideas with the world on a more global level.

Afterwards, Ray is expected to meet some of his fans in the audience room.

“Ray Romano will be sitting in the crowd, waiting for you to ask him a question,” said the CBC program’s host, Chris Maitland.

It will be interesting to see if Ray’s fans will be as enthusiastic about the event.

It seems the audience is just as eager as Ray, to share their thoughts on programming and his career.

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