— Federal authorities say a federal judge in Connecticut is set to rule on a lawsuit filed by a former FBI agent who was fired for his efforts to track down Black Lives Matter activists.

The lawsuit, filed last week in federal court in Hartford, accuses the FBI of illegally monitoring Black Lives Matters activists and journalists for months and threatening to “shut down the media” if they don’t stop harassing them.

The suit accuses the agency of violating the Freedom of Information Act and Freedom of Expression Act by violating a judge’s orders to stop harassing the journalists.

Federal Judge Thomas Sullivan is scheduled to rule Monday on the suit, according to the agency’s website.

The suit alleges that FBI agents from the Connecticut office of the FBI were not allowed to participate in any investigations of Black Lives matter activity.

According to the complaint, agents who participated in the monitoring activities did so because they were “not comfortable with their actions being monitored,” and the FBI refused to allow the agents to continue their work.

Sullivan is scheduled later this month to rule if the FBI will be allowed to continue monitoring Black Americans online.

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