By now, you’ve probably heard about the success of The Simpsons. 

The show is now the number one animated series on iTunes and is one of the most popular on the app. 

So what can you expect from a sitcom like Mob programming? 

Mob programming is a mix of live-action and animated cartoons that run in real time and are designed to be fun for kids, families, and adults. 

Mob shows can range from the mundane to the surreal, like the popular cartoon The Family Circus, which is filled with the antics of a circus that features the antics and mischievousness of the real world. 

Another popular show is Mob Wars, which focuses on a group of superheroes, the Avengers. 

You can also get a glimpse into the worlds of Mob programming when you watch Mob programming on Nickelodeon. 

In addition to a variety of shows, Mob programming can also include a variety in the form of animated shorts, like one of which you might recognize from The Simpsons episode The Moth. 

If you want to get even more in-depth on the world of Mob Programming, check out this short about Mob programming and what makes it unique. 

What’s the deal with Mob programming, and how can I get involved? 

The concept of Mob Programming originated in the 1980s, when a small group of animated cartoonists, known as Mob programmers, began experimenting with making their own cartoons. 

As they developed the technology, they also began to create more animated content for their shows, which helped them to gain a wider audience. 

By the early 1990s, a few cartoonists had developed an extensive library of animated material. 

Today, Mob Programming has grown into a huge community of cartoonists across the country, and there are currently more than 60,000 members in the Mob Programming Community. 

How do I become a Mob programmer? 

As an animated cartoonist, you’ll be working with a team of people, and they’ll be able to help you with everything from adding animations to editing, including creating brand new content to creating brand-new stories and more. 

When you join the Mob programming community, you get access to everything from the ability to create content for a variety, to the ability for you to create your own animated shorts. 

For more information on becoming a Mob Programming member, visit the Mob Programmers site.

How do you create your Mob programming episodes? 

There are two main ways you can create Mob programming: Using a free online service like, which allows you to add videos to your queue. 

Or, you can download an app called 

Both of these services allow you to stream your Mob programs online. 

Which is better? 

Both services offer similar functionality.

However, Animator provides you with a lot more flexibility in how you create Mob programs, and Animator’s subscription allows you unlimited access. 

Will Mob programming ever be made into a television show? 

Yes, there is an animated series that will be on The Simpsons sometime in the future. 

But that series won’t be Mob programming. 

That series is Mob Programming: The Movie. 

While the series is in the works, Animators main goal is to create animated shorts that will showcase Mob programming in a way that would not be possible on a live-TV show. 

Do I need a TV license to watch Mob Programming? 

You do need a television license to view Mob Programming on your computer or mobile device, however. 

To find out more about Mob Programming license requirements, check the Mob programers site.

What’s a Mob programming podcast? 

A Mob Programming podcast is an online series created by Mob programmers.

The goal of the series, which started in 2012, is to allow you the opportunity to watch a variety or videos created by other cartoonists. 

This means that you’ll have the ability watch clips from the series you’ve chosen, as well as videos created from other cartoons.

You’ll also be able watch episodes from other cartoonist’s videos as well. 

Are there any other programs I can get my hands on that I don’t need a license for? 

While there are no other programs available that allow you create animated shows, you may want to check out Animator to try out other programs like Mob Programming. 

Is Mob programming for kids allowed in schools? 

Not currently. 

Schools are still learning how to deal with animation in an adult-friendly manner, so it is not yet clear whether it is appropriate for children to watch animated cartoons.

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