MTV News is reporting that Mobo, a program that allows you to record and share your life with others, has been purchased by YouTube.

The program has been around since 2011 and is currently available in several countries.

The company says that Mobu will be available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese, but it has not announced pricing or a release date.

The Mobo program has garnered much attention recently after an Instagram account posted a photo of a video of a mother crying while watching her child play in a car.

The program was developed by the video-sharing website, Instagram, which has a reputation for using its massive user base to provide content to users who may not otherwise have access to the service.

Mobo lets users upload videos, audio and video files to a dedicated website that allows users to share the files directly with their friends and family.

In addition to the videos, users can also upload photos and video clips of their children, and even upload their own photos.

Users can share videos, as well as photos and videos, on Mobo’s Facebook page.

The social network has been a huge success for Mobo and has seen over one billion unique users visit its pages since 2011.

The video-share site also recently announced that it is partnering with Microsoft to offer a “Windows 10 Mobile” version of Mobo.

Microsoft’s Bing has long been the most popular search engine in the world, and it has long seen great success with video.

But Microsoft has recently started focusing more on video as well, and the company has a lot of competition in that space.

Microsoft has announced plans to release its own video streaming service, Xbox Music, and in May 2017, it announced it would acquire Beats Electronics, a company that makes headphones for the Xbox.

Microsoft recently also announced it will be rolling out the Xbox Music app on iOS devices later this year.

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