When you want to get a job at McDonald’s, there are more books on the way

Reuters / Business Insider / Marissa Gebhart-Kimmel A book is about to hit the market titled The Job of the Future: A Career in Computer Science for Millennials.It will be released on September 14, 2018, according to a press release.The book will be written by John A. Tlumacki, CEO of K-Mart, and includes a guide to applying for jobs in […]

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How to write a mobile game using Mob Programming velocity

TechCrunch article A developer is looking to bring their Mob Programming to the masses, and their next big challenge is figuring out how to get the game off the ground.If you’re looking to build an app for the next generation of phones, there’s a lot of room for innovation here.The team behind Mob Programming is led by the guys behind […]

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