Al Jazeera: Mobe Motors program in Qatar to be cancelled

Qatar’s national motor racing federation has said it will close the Mobe Motor program, which is based in Qatar.The decision comes amid a crackdown on motorsport in the Gulf state following the killing of the country’s first female driver, Mazhar al-Khatib, in a car crash in December.Qatar’s motor racing industry was hit with a sharp drop in new registrations in […]

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Which program is the best mob programming program?

The American Conservatives is a national conservative news website, focusing on issues of social and economic conservatism.It was founded in 2005 by conservative activist Glenn Beck.Its mission is to inform Americans about issues of importance to them, from the political, economic and social issues to the news and opinion segments.The American conservatives publishes a variety of conservative-oriented news and views, […]

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How the mob can help you become a mob programmer

The Irish Examiner is the newspaper of choice for Ireland’s most prolific mob programmer, Joe Mobley.He has been the leader of an Irish mob network for 25 years and now runs an online mob programming school.His teaching style is similar to that of mob programming legend David Gower, whose famous book Mob Programming: How to Become a Mob Programmer has […]

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